"Pocket Full of Bullets is a massive piece that takes on the musical soundscape of an old western and it all gets charmingly built with rocking guitars and slamming drums, flowing and sharp lap steel, organs, and so much more that all lets the song create this actual atmosphere for you to step into. "” - Buzzslayers.com


Sample Track


Kael Jackson is a Nashville based singer/songwriter that writes original music for rebels and thinkers a like. With the help of his backing band, he brings a refreshing and exciting blend of western rock n roll from the psychedelic and haunted depths of the American South and beyond.

Kael moved to Charleston, South Carolina in November of 2018. He quickly became immersed in the local music scene providing his vocal and guitar talents to many local acts which helped shape his style even further. After many solo performances Kael wanted to make his sound even bigger by forming a full band with a psychedelic and bluesy western  rock sound and a focus on heavy, twangy riffs and catchy choruses. This band became known as The Third Eye Paradigm. With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Waylon Jennings, Black Sabbath, and Nirvana to name few,  Kael brings a level of energy to live performances that has to be seen and heard by any and all fans of western rock.  Defiance, and a sense of danger define Kael and his band's attitude and sound. 

Kael is now located in Nashville , Tennessee and booking shows soon. An untitled EP is also in the works due to be released early next year.